Ken Hart's Sabbath School Class

meets weekly on the campus of Loma Linda University in Room 1105 of West Hall (School of Nursing building) at 11262 Campus Street (75 yards north of Barton Road) in Loma Linda, California. Recordings and Handouts are provided here in multiple formats for your personal and group study. Please note, you can start an audio file (i.e., "MP3 Download") and "minimize" it, then open the handout and follow the printed material on your computer! Click here for Instructions for viewing, printing, listening, and/or downloading.

"The Teachings of Jesus" - 3rd Quarter 2014 (July-September) - "A Look Ahead" - Our TV Program

Lesson 1: Our Loving Heavenly Father

Handout for July 5, 2014

       Video for July 5, 2014

       Audio for July 5, 2014

MP3 Download for July 5, 2014


Lesson 2: The Son

Handout for July 12, 2014

       Video for July 12, 2014

       Audio for July 12, 2014

MP3 Download for July 12, 2014


Lesson 3: The Holy Spirit

Handout for July 19, 2014

       Video for July, 19, 2014

       Audio for July 19, 2014

MP3 Download for July 19, 2014


Lesson 4: Salvation

Handout for July 26, 2014

       Video for July 26, 2014

       Audio for July 26, 2014

MP3 Download for July 26, 2014


Lesson 5: How to Be Saved

Handout for August 2, 2014

       Video for August 2, 2014

MP3 Download for August 2, 2014


Lesson 6: Growing in Christ

Handout for August 9, 2014

       Video for August 9, 2014

MP3 Download for August 9, 2014


Lesson 7: Living Like Jesus

Handout for August 16, 2014

       Video for August 16, 2014

MP3 Download for August 16, 2014


Lesson 8: The Church

Handout for August 23, 2014

       Video for August 23, 2014

MP3 Download for August 23, 2014


Lesson 9: Our Mission

Handout for August 30, 2014

       Video for August 30, 2014

MP3 Download for August 30, 2014


Lesson 10: The Law of God

Handout for September 6, 2014

       Video for September 6, 2014

MP3 Download for September 6, 2014

MOBI #10

Lesson 11: The Sabbath

Handout for September 13, 2014

       Video for September 13, 2014

MP3 Download for September 13, 2014

MOBI #11

Lesson 12: Death and Resurrection

Handout for September 20, 2014

       Video for September 20, 2014

MP3 Download for September 20, 2014

MOBI #12

Lesson 13: The Second Coming of Jesus

Handout for September 27, 2014

       Video for Septerber, 27, 2014

MP3 Download for September 27, 2014

MOBI #13

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Subscribers will receive a mailing once a month containing 4 or 5 professionally recorded CDs and Dr. Hart’s handouts. Each CD is recorded in crystal clear sound featuring Dr. Hart and his participants. These include teachers, doctors, nurses, retired pastors, and visitors. The lively discussions will help prepare anyone to better participate in his or her own Sabbath School. And, if you lead a Sabbath School class, you will be better prepared to anticipate and respond to those questions which seem to come from "nowhere." Mailings are anticipated to arrive 1 or 2 weeks ahead of the scheduled Sabbath.

The included handouts are the result of hours of research and thoughtful effort on the part of Dr. Hart. His insights illuminate the historical and cultural setting of the lesson and lead to many valuable gems of wisdom for the Christian walk. Each handout contains dozens of thought-provoking questions which provide the basis for interesting and meaningful discussions. These study helps will let you augment your discussion with facts and background information most of us don’t have time to research. Insights into the biblical languages are often provided which most of us are not equipped to obtain for ourselves.

Dr. Hart’s leadership is appreciated and respected by many of us who have sat in numerous Bible study sessions of his. He leads several groups each week in study and has done so for many years, including the 17 years he served as a medical missionary in Africa. His résumé includes a Master degree in Religion and Biblical Languages.

The aim of this effort is to bring God closer to us and clarify the picture of Him which each of us cherishes, illuminating His character and government as it affects our salvation and the security of the universe.