God: Friend or Foe?

We, at Theological Crossroads, believe that there is a way to study the Bible that can harmonize the Bible stories and the apparently conflicting views of God. Here, at Theox, there are written study guides for students and teachers to facilitate the study of each book of the Bible. We believe that with these materials you can discover the harmony and experience the peace and contentment that comes from a fresh understanding and knowledge of our loving God.   Read More >>
Sabbath School
Word Pictures TV
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Teachers Guides - Detailed Handouts for In-Depth Study of Every Book of the Bible
Study Guides - Questions To Stir Thought on Each Book of the Bible
Sabbath School - Download documents and files for your study,
Watch a studio recorded video of Ken's Sabbath School.
View the Word Pictures TV Programs
Walter Veith - Recorded in Redlands, California in May 2011
Francois du Plessis - Recorded in Redlands, California in May 2011