God - Tyrant or Friend

We all live in the tension between good and evil, love and hate, beauty and ugliness. What is the cause of this dichotomy? If God is so good, why does He allow so much evil? If He is all powerful, why doesn’t He fix the problem?

Some read scripture and grow to love God. Others read and come to fear Him. Yet others read and just feel confused. They stand at a Theological Crossroad, trying to decide which way to go – what to believe. They read stories about how God destroyed the earth by flood; killed all of the first-born in Egypt; and ordered the slaughter of men, women, and children. They come to see Him as arbitrary, harsh, severe, and unforgiving. Then they read how gently Jesus treated the woman at the well, how He dealt with the woman caught in adultery, how He was so respectful of Simon, how He washed the feet of Judas and they say that if God is like that, they would like to be His friend.

We, at Theological Crossroads Inc., are dedicated to studying this seeming inconsistency. We believe there is a biblical philosophy that can harmonize the Bible stories and the apparently conflicting views of God. We believe that with the material presented here, you too can discover the harmony and experience the peace that comes with such understanding.

Here at Theological Crossroads, there are written Study Guides for students and teachers to facilitate the study of each book of the Bible. There are lots of questions to be pondered. The primary question is, “What does this story or event say about God?”

You will be able to download audio (MP3) files of previous discussions, with people just like you, on a variety of Bible stories. You can hear the issues they brought to the table, decide which questions you would have asked, and consider some of the responses.

We hope that what you find will be helpful as well as challenging. Email us with your thoughts, views, and criticisms.

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