Handouts and Recordings for this series entitled "Bible Origins: How the Bible Came to Us." Please note, you can start an audio file and "minimize" it, then open the handout and follow the printed material on your computer screen!

1. History of the Bible - Introduction

       Introduction to the Origin of the Bible

2. How the Christian Bible Came to Be

       Formation of the New Testament

3. Formation of the Hebrew & Christian Bibles

       Formation of the Hebrew & Christian Canon

4. Writing & Copying Biblical Books by Hand

       Copying the Bible by Hand

5. Christianity & Bible Become "Official"

       Constantine and the Consequences

6. Versions & Revisions: Gods Word Translated

      The Septuagint, Origin, & Much More

7. Two Latin Bibles Compete

       Origen, Jerome, and the Latin Vulgate

8. Into New Languages & Cultures

       Christianity Expands

9. Monks and Monasteries

       Preserving & Copying Bible Manuscripts

10. Jews Living Under Christianity & Islam

       Jewish Changes and Responses

11. The Bible in the Dark Ages

       A.D. 600 to 1400: Monasteries & Universities

12. The Underground Church - Medieval Times

       Ireland, Ethiopia, Italy, and the Waldenses

13. The Bible to Britain

       2nd Century to Wycliffe

14. Renaisance and Reformation

       Awakening and the Renasiance in Europe

15. Martin Luther & the Reformation

       Luther & the Protestant Reformation in Europe

16. Protestantism Divides Europe

       Protestantism and the Division of Europe

17. The English Bible

       Putting the Bible into English

18. The King James Version

       The King James Version of the Bible

19. Changing Role of Manuscripts

       The Changing Role of Manuscripts

20. Do We Have the Right Words?

       Do We Have the Right Words?

       Getting the "Original" Writings

21. Reason and Scripture

       Reason and Scripture

22. Modern Jews & Their Scripture

       Modern Jews & the Tanakh

23. Biblical Issues Among Modern Christians

       Modern Christians & the Bible

24. The Story of the Bible Never Stops

       The Continuing Story of the Bible

25. Where Are We Now?

       All of the Bible is God's Inspired Word To Us

Bible Origins - "How the Bible Came to Us"

Kenneth Hart, MD leads this series on the text, translation, and preservation of the Bible - "Textual Criticism" or "Lower Criticism"

1. Listen and/or Download

       Introduction - Outline

2. Listen and/or Download

       The Christian Bible

3A. Listen and/or Download

       Hebrew & Christian Canon-1

3B. Listen and/or Download

       Hebrew & Christian Canon-2
4. Listen and/or Download
     Copying the Bible by Hand

5. Listen and/or Download
     Christianity Becomes Official

6. Listen and/or Download

       Versions & Revisions

7. Listen and/or Download

       Two Latin Bibles Compete

8. Listen and/or Download

       Into New Languages

9. Listen and/or Download

       Monks & Manuscripts

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11. Listen and/or Download

       Bible in the Dark Ages

12. Listen and/or Download

       Underground Church

13. Listen and/or Download

       The Bible to Britain

14. Listen and/or Download

       Renaisance & Reformation

15. Listen and/or Download

       Luther & the Reformation

16. Listen and/or Download

       Protestantism Divides Europe

17. Listen and/or Download

       Bible into English

18. Listen and/or Download

       The King James Version

19. Listen and/or Download

       Changing Role of Manuscripts

20A. Listen and/or Download

       Do We Have the Right Words?

20B. Listen and/or Download

       Do We Have the Right Words?

21. Listen and/or Download

       Reason & Scripture

22. Listen and/or Download

       Modern Jews & the Tanakh

23. Listen and/or Download

       Modern Christians

24. Listen and/or Download

     Story of the Bible never stops

25. Listen and/or Download 
       E.G. White Comments on Bible