Book-by-Book Study of the Bible - Table of Contents

Using the Study Guides and Teacher's Guides

Why did God give us the Bible? Why do people send you letters? Are they trying to tell you something about themselves? Is God trying to say something about Himself? What is He trying to say? Would we dare to ask, "God, what are You trying to say to us?" What do we need to know about God? Can He be trusted? Has anyone ever claimed that God can’t be trusted? Who would dare to make such a claim?

As we read the stories about Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and the rest, can we really learn anything about God? Are there any stories about Him? How can we know that He is correctly represented? Who will tell us the truth?

There is a lot of disagreement about God’s character and how He runs His universe. Shouldn’t Christians, at least, be able to agree on what God is like?

We challenge you to look at the materials found in this website. We guarantee you will find some questions that you haven’t thought about before! They are questions about God and how He wants to relate to us, His children.

Look at the Study Guide first. See how you would answer the questions and then look at the Teacher's Guide. There are some suggested answers. Soon, there will be individual handouts for every book in the Bible. They are being revised and edited in preparation for posting, so not every book of the Bible is now available, but they will be soon. If you have any problem accessing any part of the website, send us an email.

Want to start a Bible Study group in your home or church? Everything you need is right here. Give it a try! Let us know how you fare. If you have trouble with some of the questions, write to us. You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open or download the PDF files. A link to Adobe Reader is provided at the bottom of this page. We will be excited to hear of your progress.