Show and Tell

Here, two miles into the Grand Canyon from the north rim, Dr. Roth explains the significance of finding material from the kayente formation, filling cracks in the hermet shale. This presents a conumdrum for evolutionists because they claim a 6 million year gap exists between these two formations. These trail-side demonstrations provide coveted opportunities to ask your questions of him. No question is too hard. He has been debated by the best and most ardent of evolutionists.


Toothpaste Column, 2003

Tired of sitting on the bus? It's time to get out, stretch, and walk. Each day, short hikes from the bus take us into the beautiful countryside to view and explore pertinent details and significant pieces of the evidence which support Dr. Roth's creation/flood model. (Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah)







Ripple Marks?

Yes, sometimes you just have to see it for yourself! A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when you get your hands (or elbows and knees) on the real thing it's a whole book! Share these adventures with friends, old and new, and you will have a vacation experience to last a lifetime. 2003

Sermon on the Mount

Can you find Dr. Roth?







Hungry? It's time for Lunch!

We eat very well, even in the field. Everyone seems to be having a good time. Note the smiles! (2003)