MONDAY, July 30, 2007. Travel by bus, Loma Linda to Flagstaff

Mostly a travel day. We will go directly beyond Flagstaff to view Meteor Crater, then back to Flagstaff . Evening meeting.

Lodging:  Days Inn                    Phone (928) 774-5221

TUESDAY, July 31. Travel to Grand Canyon and back to Flagstaff

View Grand Canyon, fault caused slickensides, Little Colorado gorge, soft sediment gap contact, part of Wupatki National Monument , Sunset Crater. Evening meeting

Lodging:  Days Inn                    Phone (928) 774-5221

WEDNESDAY, August 1. Travel to Albuquerque

View Petrified Forest National Park (north end), fossil “termite nests” near Gallup . Evening meeting

Lodging:  Country Inn & Suites Phone (505) 823-1300

THURSDAY, August 2. Travel to Durango

View Rio Grande rift, San Juan basin sediments, Chaco Culture National Historic Park (gravel road), Aztec Ruins National Monument . Ball and pillow sediments in Durango . Evening meeting

Lodging:  Quality Inn & Suites   Phone (970) 259-7900

FRIDAY, August 3. Travel to Moab

View Mesa Verde National Park , Blanding Dinosaur Museum , soft sediment features, Wilson Arch, Moab Valley salt tectonics and erosion. Evening meeting

Lodging:  Moab Valley Inn                    Phone (435) 259-4419

SABBATH, August 4. Meetings at Moab SDA Church

Lodging:  Moab Valley Inn                    Phone (435) 259-4419

SUNDAY, August 5. Survey of geologic features around Moab

View soft sediment features in Arches National Park , Double Arch, fossils in the Hermosa Formation, Dead Horse State Park panorama, Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands National Park , Grand View in Canyonlands National Park . Evening meeting

Lodging:  Moab Valley Inn                    Phone (435) 259-4419

MONDAY, August 6. Travel to Torrey

View ball and pillow sediments at Hatch Mesa (3 mile roundtrip walk), extremely widespread sediment units of the Book Cliffs, Powell Museum in Green River, San Rafael Swell, the old Wolverton gold mining mill, fossils in Dakota Formation, sediment contacts in Capitol Reef National  Park . Evening meeting

Lodging:  Wonderland Inn & Restaurant            Phone (435) 425-3775

TUESDAY, August 7. Travel to Price

View Cleveland-Lloyd dinosaur quarry (gravel road), Hiawatha ball and pillow, foundering of Ferron Sandstone (gravel road), Price Prehistoric Museum , “worm tubes” in the Panther Sandstone, Coal seams at Castle Gate. Evening meeting

Lodging:  Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites    Phone (435) 637-8880

WEDNESDAY, August 8. Travel to Vernal

View fire caused klinker in Blackhawk Formation, dinosaur models of the Field Museum of Natural History, dinosaur bones at Dinosaur National Monument , Split Mountain erosion enigma. Evening meeting

            Lodging:  Best Western Dinosaur Inn    Phone (435) 789-2660

THURSDAY, August 9. Travel to Richfield

View Uinta stratigraphic drive through the ages, fossil belemnites, Red Canyon overlook.

            Evening meeting

Lodging:  Quality Inn                 Phone (435) 896-5465

FRIDAY, August 10. Travel to Loma Linda

            Mostly all day travel