"The Plan of Salvation in the Setting of the Great Controversy" - A compilation of statements from Ellen White

Compilation of quotations from Ellen White organized by sub-topic with the summary statements listed below, all related to "The Plan of Salvation in the Setting of the Great Controversy Between God and Satan Over the Character and Government of God."
-The Bible--all of it--is the authoritative source of truth.
-This includes the book of Revelation with its picture of the war that began in heaven.
-The Bible should be studied as a whole.
-The plan of salvation involves the whole universe.
-The security of the universe was even more important to God than the salvation of man.
-Christ died for sinless angels too.
-Why the angels needed the message of the cross.
-The controversy is over the character of God.
-Christ came primarily to reveal the truth about God.
-To see Christ is to see the Father.
-God does not ask us to believe without evidence.
-Jesus persuades by truth and evidence, not by personal authority or power.
-The Holy Spirit also persuades by truth and evidence.
-Love and trust--the things that God desires the most--cannot be commanded or produced by force or fear.
-There is no need to be afraid of God.
-God does not desire the type of obedience that springs from fear or obligation.
-God has made "emergency use" of law because we needed it.
-God values nothing higher than our freedom, dignity, and individuality.
-Jesus will come (the second coming) when His people are ready.
-Where on earth are God's friends?
-What difference does it make to know the truth about God?